The Untitled Black Lesbian Elder Project

The Untitled Black Lesbian Elder Project

documentary honoring the legacy of black lesbian elders.

Forwarded Message

Untitled Black Lesbian Elder Project is a necessary, timely documentary that will honor and ensure the legacy of black lesbian elders, and situate them within a history of black people that has largely ignored the contributions of black lesbians. By letting the elders speak for themselves about the quality of their lives, we will give access points to stories that help people feel connected. These complicated narratives will join a rich cultural tradition of black lesbian history and culture that hasn’t been documented enough in film. UBLEP will also enrich visual representations of black lesbians in popular media; we hope that this film will be generative, jumpstarting other work in this vein. If UBLEP is not finished, we risk losing all of these things, and continuing a marginalization of black lesbians in the media; it would continue the lie that we don’t exist and don’t contribute.

The-Untitled-Black-Lesbian-Elder-Project (video)


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