The East Bay Women of Color Drum Circle (Oakland, CA)


Greetings everyone, The East Bay Women of Color Drum Circle, formerly known as the “Rhythm Sistas” is reconvening for the end of the summer months.   We are looking forward to drumming, dancing, and being in community with you all again.

This is a free event, and all drumming and dance skill levels are welcome. Please note the changes: The host can no longer supply chairs for the circles and only a handful of drums will be available at a first come first serve basis. Please bring a chair and a drum if you have one.  We will be at Snow Park for this upcoming circle. 

The circle is a place of love, community, healing and empowerment for all women of color and their children. Drumming is an ancient form of communication that was passed on to us from the ancestors. When we drum we celebrate life. We drum to renew and heal ourselves, and as we heal we pass it on to others.  The positive rhythms vibrate out to the Oakland community encouraging cultural awareness, pride and unity. Sistah’s please come, and bring your positive energy. Don’t forget to bring a chair, your drum, or percussion instrument, and water.

This upcoming Drum circle will be in collaboration with the NIA Collective Organization’s BBQ.  Everyone is welcome so feel free to bring a side dish, fruit, and/or veggies to share. For more information about the BBQ see NIA Collective on Facebook.

Lastly, please spread the word to other women of color who might be interested!

Charlene Gumbs, Sandy Mills, Sis Nau-t, Mar Stevens

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