Pamper Time!

Luxuriate and pamper your crown with a nourishing henna treatment.


What is Henna?

The Henna Page an educational resource devoted to the history, traditions, techniques, science and art of Henna.

Helpful Tips For Applying Henna

Select a henna product that is all natural and one that does not contain plant debris.  A powder is easier to rinse out than leaves and twigs.

Conduct a skin test and a hair strand test.

Set up preparation area so that all supplies are in hands reach.

Do NOT use metal containers or other metal implements when mixing the henna.  Metal will react with the henna.

Apply petroleum jelly to face, neck and areas where you do not want the henna to stain.

Select a neutral color henna if you do not wish to color your hair.

Scent the henna mixture with your preferred essential oil. (optional)

Add raw egg for a protein boost. (optional)

Add olive oil for moisturizing. (optional)

Use gloves and a plastic bowl to reduce spills and splatters.

If possible find a warm sunny outdoor area to rest and relax while waiting for henna to set in and hair to dry.

Accept love.

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