Beli Sullivan Photographs – Remember Them Educational Monument

Photos by Beli Sullivan. All rights reserved.

Remember Them: Champions for Humanity – Unveiling Ceremony
Oakland, California – September 6, 2011


I have chosen these humanitarians because, regardless of their individual backgrounds or missions, they share the common threads of courage, perseverance, education, sacrifice, and a sincere desire to strive for a better life for all. This monument represents an international cross-section of visionaries throughout several centuries who have inspired and aided others through their passionate beliefs in human rights and peace. From the vast number of humanitarians in the world worth being acknowledged, this unique grouping offers twenty-five individuals who have touched my heart and inspired me in times of darkness.

Mario Chiodo, Oakland, CA

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This installation is a game changer for downtown Oakland! During my visit, I marveled at the spontaneous interactions of visitors to the site. In all my travels the places I’ve enjoyed the most were those places that offer visitors and residents alike accessible and aesthetically pleasing public spaces. The memorial, adjacent park,and the humanity the space engenders  are just the tonic our city needs.

Many thanks to Oakland motion media artist Beli Sullivan for capturing the spirit of the space.


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