Walkabout: “Little Africa” Paris, France

The ingredients for African food are of a high quality in Paris and the best place to go to is Place du Château Rouge in the 18th arrondissement. It’s Little Africa, packed with market stalls, and frequented by people in traditional clothes. Some of the shops around Château Rouge are so small and so packed with goods that there is room for only the shopkeeper and his stock. All the buying and selling takes place on the pavement. I speak Yoruba and Fon so I can usually latch on to a few conversations. It’s fun and I can find quality ingredients for preparing n’dolé (bitter leaf) or gombo (okra) just the way I like them. But I also have a soft spot for French food, such as oysters and foie gras. [Angélique Kidjo, The Independent article]

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One Response to “Walkabout: “Little Africa” Paris, France”

  1. I just LOVE your beautiful sista banner!!!!
    On our way to Senegal via Paree, so thanks much for the info on Little Africa..

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