Coming Up: Film Festival SkyePicks & More!

Laurence Petit-Jouvet is seeking US venues and festivals to screen her video.

Coming Up on Skyeview
Femmes en Résistance Documentary Film Festival (photos and links)
Message from documentarian Laurence PETIT-JOUVET (preview below)

I have the DVD with English subtitles for PRIVATE HOUSE screenings.

DVD Description

Women from the Malian diaspora in Montreuil, in a “filmed letter” speak to a person of their choice, real or imaginary. Women from Bamako and from Kayes in Mali draw inspiration from these letters to, in their turn, realize their “filmed letter”. They were each invited to talk about their work and take this oppotunity to say what is important for them.
The whole forms a film that overcomes the distance, and in which responding like an echo, their voices express frustration, passion, and mostly the power of these women.
Laurent PETIT-JOUVET informed the film festival audience that Montreuil, France has the largest Malian population outside of Bamako. The video is a wonderful examination of these women’s dreams, aspirations and challenges in their respective cities in Mali and France. The grass is not always greener on the other side!

Des femmes de la diaspora malienne vivant à Montreuil, s’adressent dans une “lettre filmée” à une personne de leur choix, réelle ou imaginaire. Des femmes de Bamako et de Kayes au Mali s’en inspirent ensuite librement, pour réaliser à leur tour leur “lettre filmée”. Chacune était invitée à parler de son travail, chacune a saisi l’occasion pour dire ce qui est important pour elle. L’ensemble forme un film qui enjambe les distances, fait résonner ces voix qui expriment les frustrations, les passions, la force de ces femmes.


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Thank you for visiting Skyeview: A Sistah’s View of the World.  For the past month I’ve been living in Paris, France and have uploaded multiple posts. So, please, take your time, scroll through the entries, listen to the music and check out the in-depth resources.  More to come!



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