The Third Annual Black Lesbians United Retreat


Photo and commentary by Angie Maldonado

Malibu, CA
Hi Skye… this year BLU was magical, sensual, and educational! As always blu comes through every year always bringing another element. This year, blu started out with an opening ceremony of womyn drumming with beautiful belly dancers… the combo of both setup an erotic, sensual, and sexy tone. we honored our ancestors, elder sistahs, and one another setting up the unity for the entire weekend. the workshops were plentiful… so many at times, i had to cut short one to make another… wish we had more then the weekend! i facilitated Vulva blu workshop which is an adventure in clay, creating vulvas of beauty while at the same time honoring that part of our bodies through art. Saturday night live show was short, but sweet…. SADE hoolahoop sensation aroused us with movement, while SURLAVISON caputured us with sensual music. Another sis from NIGER came with poetic stories and thruth both profound and extremely erotic… im still riding the vibrations of blu, knowing next year will be as magical!



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