Peggy Moore Honored at Women and Service Award Ceremony

Founder, Sistahs Stepping in Pride

The Mistress of Ceremony omitted all queer references from Peggy Moore’s distinguished bio the same way a finicky diner picks raisins from rice pudding or pushes okra to the side of her plate.

On Wednesday, October 26th Peggy Moore was recognized along with a stellar list of women community leaders by the Multi-Ethnic Sports Hall of Frame at their Women and Service Awards Ceremony, in Oakland.  The MESHF sponsors after school workshops for youth who participant in the Academic Achievers program.

I was pleased to attend the ceremony in support of Peggy’s work but even more pleased when during her acceptance speech she foiled what I imagine was unintended homophobic behavior by the Mistress of Ceremony during her introduction. Just as Peggy was taking her place near the podium several of her supporters myself included readied ourselves to cheer and clap at the first mention of SSIP. I loved when one brother led the applause with three quick GAY SNAPS which caused some audience members to chuckle with amusement and delight.

The weirdness occurred when the Mistress of Ceremony began reading Peggy’s bio from the program book which included a long list of accomplishments spanning two decades including the founding of Sistah’s Stepping in Pride, the primary reason she was being honored.  Interestingly, the MC had difficulty saying the “L-word”, “LGBT”, “Dyke March” and subsequently omitted references to Peggy’s work in these areas with the exception of Outreach Coordinator with Lavendar Seniors of the East Bay.  The MC vocal pitch rose slightly as if she was relieved to finally be able to mention something in the area of queer activism.  The Mistress of Ceremony omitted all queer references from Peggy Moore’s distinguished bio the same way a finicky diner picks raisins from rice pudding or pushes okra to the side of her plate.

Peggy Moore responded with aplomb, decorum and clarified for the audiences in no uncertain terms why she was being honored, namely for founding the premier East Bay DYKE March.  In an eloquent and savvy acceptance speech she commented that ALL of her community and political activism has been in the service of LGBT visibility and empowerment including her work with the Obama campaign. Afterwards when I mentioned the oversight, Peggy brushed it off and noted that some elderly folks of a certain generation are still unable to say the “L-word” or any queer speak.  A class act!

Women and Service Awards Ceremony

Jennifer Pae
Korean American DNC delegate

Lillian Galedo
Executive Director Filipinos Advocates 4 Justice

Peggy Moore
LGBT/Political Activist

Debbie Nghiem
Vietnamese Community Activist

Liane Higashiuchi Scott
Oakland Fukuoka Japan Sister City Association

Belva Davis
TV Personality (Book Signing/A Black Woman’s Journey in Journalism)

Viola Gonzales
CEO anewamerica

Ora Lee Brown
Ora Lee Brown Foundation

Jennie Ong
Executive Director Chinatown Chamber of Commerce

Judith Offer



Sistahs Steppin’ Out (East Bay Express feature)
After ten years, Sistahs Steppin’ in Pride holds its final event.

Mobile phone photo gallery.

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Oakland, CA


One Response to “Peggy Moore Honored at Women and Service Award Ceremony”

  1. Peggy I am so proud of you. You are a definite and utmost class act. I wish you much success with the next chapter. momo

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