Former Bay Area Musician Yolanda Bush Performs In Lithuania

Recharge in Vilnius

Adapted from Jazz Kurpiani

Yolanda Bush & The Road Band
Singer, Composer, Lyricist and Drummer

Yolanda has been singing and drumming for well over two decades. She is versatile in numerous styles, which include rock, jazz, funk, and blues – a tight, deep pocket drummer with impeccable meter.

She began her meteoric rise to anonymity and became quite an accomplished boxer, as the result of her experiences as an accordion-playing, African American youth from the south side of Chicago. She studied trumpet and choral music, and performed with numerous ensembles, including a brief stint with the Chicago Youth Symphony, and numerous theatrical productions. A prolific composer, she has also performed extensively as a solo guitarist, singer/song writer.

She has toured the U.S. and Italy, performing with such artists as Rich Montes, Gwen Avery, & Alberta Jackson to name a very few. Her influences include Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Esperanza Spaulding, Miles Davis, Jimmi Hendrix, Billy Cobham, Chick Corea, Abbey Lincoln, Joni Mitchell, Stravinsky, Claude Debussy, ad infinitum.

A well-known in Lithuanian and international blues band “The Road Band“ was formed in the summer of 1992 in Vilnius. This versatile ensemble plays standard and original songs in multiple styles such as blues, rhythm and blues, rock, jazz and country, and has played more than one thousand concerts. “The Road Band“ is described in the book “Who is who in Vilnius district 2003”. 
The band has released 11 albums. Participated in countless festivals in Poland, Estonia, Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Turkey.

You Tube Videos

Yolanda Bush (Chicago, USA) & The Road Band – Thrill is Gone

Yolanda Bush (Chicago, USA) & A.Belkin – Going to Chicago

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