Camp Skye Presents Filmmaker Shakti Butler

On Sunday January 27th in Oakland, CA Camp Skye  featured filmmaker Shakti Butler and a screening of her latest video Cracking the Codes:The System of Racial Inequity.  The video illuminates the institutional and structural aspects of inequity.

Video trailer


Shakti Butler, PhD, filmmaker and Founder & Creative Director of World Trust, is a dynamic educator in the field of racial equity.  Dr. Butler engages her audience with participatory keynotes and seminars, often using clips from her films. She is frequently hired by organizations seeking a catalyst for change.

Dr. Shakti Butler is a multiracial African-American woman (African, Arawak Indian, and Russian-Jewish) whose work as a creative and visionary bridge builder has challenged and inspired learning for over two decades. She is the producer and director of groundbreaking documentaries including The Way Home, Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible,and Light in the Shadows.  Her latest film Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequity uses story, theater and music to illuminate the larger frame of structural/systemic racial inequity.

One Response to “Camp Skye Presents Filmmaker Shakti Butler”

  1. Ava Square-LeVias Says:

    Wonderful! Wish I had known! Next time!
    I love Dr. Shakti Butler and her work! She is a great filmmaker, and a
    powerful voice in the world!

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