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The East Bay Women of Color Drum Circle (Oakland, CA)

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Greetings everyone, The East Bay Women of Color Drum Circle, formerly known as the “Rhythm Sistas” is reconvening for the end of the summer months.   We are looking forward to drumming, dancing, and being in community with you all again.

This is a free event, and all drumming and dance skill levels are welcome. Please note the changes: The host can no longer supply chairs for the circles and only a handful of drums will be available at a first come first serve basis. Please bring a chair and a drum if you have one.  We will be at Snow Park for this upcoming circle. 

The circle is a place of love, community, healing and empowerment for all women of color and their children. Drumming is an ancient form of communication that was passed on to us from the ancestors. When we drum we celebrate life. We drum to renew and heal ourselves, and as we heal we pass it on to others.  The positive rhythms vibrate out to the Oakland community encouraging cultural awareness, pride and unity. Sistah’s please come, and bring your positive energy. Don’t forget to bring a chair, your drum, or percussion instrument, and water.

This upcoming Drum circle will be in collaboration with the NIA Collective Organization’s BBQ.  Everyone is welcome so feel free to bring a side dish, fruit, and/or veggies to share. For more information about the BBQ see NIA Collective on Facebook.

Lastly, please spread the word to other women of color who might be interested!

Charlene Gumbs, Sandy Mills, Sis Nau-t, Mar Stevens

S O L I D A R I T E !

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Manif retraites sam 16 octobre 2010, un angle particulier

Paris, France


La Rage – Keny Arkana (You Tube)

Skye’s Festival Picks (Cineffable)

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Inkanyezi Yobusuku/ Night Star
Fiction. Afrique du Sud. 2007. Couleur. 13′. VO : Anglais, ST : Français. Distr. : Out in Africa
La tradition veut que les jeunes filles Zoulous soient isolées pour un temps de repos et de contemplation lorsqu’elles ont leurs règles. Mais les rêves de Lindiwe sont perturbés par son désir pour sa guide spirituelle pendant cette période.

Traditionally, Zulu women were barred from household chores during menstruation, a time for rest and contemplation called Ukuya Enyangeni, going to the moon.

Skyeview: What’s not mentioned in the description for Inkanyezi Yobusuku is the tender and sensual exchanges between the two Zulu women. Why omit this important and beautiful subtext, especially since the filmmaker is a LGBT activist?


In Search of The Wild Kingdom (Trailer – Quicktime)
Fiction. États-Unis. 2006. Couleur. 65′. VO : Anglais, ST : Français. Distr. : Blowfish Production. Film interdit aux moins de 16 ans / Film prohibited under 16.
Suivez la réalisatrice Georgia Mann et son équipe à travers les rue de San Francisco alors qu’elles capturent certaines des scènes les plus chaudes du milieu de la nuit. Un vrai faux documentaire avec du vrai sexe dedans… Ce film a reçu le prix 2007 du Feminist Porn Awards.

Follow documentary filmmaker Georgia Mann and her crew through the streets of San Francisco as they capture some of the most raw and compelling sex to date. One woman’s quest to find, film and understand “real lesbian sex” leads her in the depths of queer sexuality.


The Apple
Expérimental. France. 2007. Couleur. 6′. Sans parole. Distr. : Emilie Jouvet. Film interdit aux moins de 16 ans / Film prohibited under 16.

L’histoire revisitée d’Eve croquant la pomme. Avec en fond une superbe musique de Mz Sunday Luv, Emilie Jouvet a réussi a créer un style qui mélange l’érotique, le burlesque et le fétichisme.

Eve wakes up in Paradise, finds an apple…and commits a delicious sin. On a gorgeous soundtrack, Emilie Jouvet has managed to create a style that mixes the genres of porn, burlesque and fetish.

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Dispatch #23: Cineaffable Shout Out

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Les salutations à toutes les femmes gentilles que j’ai rencontrée à
Cineaffable. Vous tout sait lancer un parti !  Les salutations spéciales à Mari, Peggy, Patricia et Celine (Serial Kisser).


Mari, festival volunteer and Skye with fete ticket.  Good to go!

Céline Tiberghien Contributes To Lesbian Visibility – French | English


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J’adore Paris and how she makes me feel!

Sometimes you won’t understand why life is the way it is
Things don’t always go the way you plan them
But I believe god in time is anonymous and in through time god reveals all things
You gotta be still, stand and lovin’
Pay attention
I just want to testify
I just gotta testify
I just want to testify
I gotta testify
When I look back on my life
I go crazy when I think of the danger I put myself in
But amazing grace always carried me to safety knowing that I’d go back to the same place again and againLord no one could ever love me the way that you do
In spirit, mind, and body I surrender myself daily to you
And I just want to testify
I gotta testify
I just want to testify
Amazing grace saved my life
So sweet the journey when you learn to love yourself, accept yourself, forgive yourself, believe in yourself, be yourself
With Amazing grace as your constant friend
Say I’m free off anger, I’m free fear, and my mind is at ease
I don’t regret a single yesterday
Cause yesterday made me who I am today
I just want to testify
The mind is strong
I can see what I can see
I just want to testify
Amazing Grace Saved my Life
I gotta testify
Testify testify
I gotta tell my story
Testify Testify
About the love, about the light and the glory
Testify Testify
How it taught me to walk
Testify Testify
How it taught me to talk
I gotta testify cause I feel all right now
I gotta testify cause my soul is all right
Thank you father
I gotta testify

[Dianne Reeves]

Black Feminism Anthology – France

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1st anthology of Black Feminist Thought ever published in France.


“Why is there no equivalent to the black feminist movement in France, an ex-colonial power? These texts, by their vitality and their perspicacity, invite us to raise this question and to rethink the pretence of republican universalism–the blind spot of French feminism.”

Book Announcement, en Francais.

Uh, this is a trick question.  Just because European white feminists chose to marginalize and render invisible Black feminists does not been they do not exist. Fact is there has been a concerted and sustained effort by Black feminist (Black in a European context that may include other WOC) to organize, produce theory and work for social and political change.

Just so you know.

Cultural Event: FEMMAFI (Marseilles, France)

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Woman Black-Woman Light

FEMMAFRI is an association of Black and métisses women in the Marseilles region. In recognition of the Day of International  Women FEMMAFRI will host “Femme Noire-Femme Lumière “a free two-day cultural event in honor of Black women.


  • Conferences, debates,

  • Film screenings,

  • Artist’s exhibitions,

  • Community organization booths

  • Concert

March 8

Space Culture- 42, Canebière – Marseilles 1°

March 9, 2007

Space Julien 39 Cours Julien – Marseilles 6°

Free entry