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Skyeview: 4th Annual Berkeley Wine Festival

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I enjoyed a nice staycation at the Claremont with my sisters and nieces who trekked from SoCal.

The 4th Annual Berkeley Wine Festival opening reception on March 16, 2013 featured over 100 wines, 45 wineries and 1300 attendees. The Ward Women enjoyed an afternoon being pampered in the spa prior to the evening reception. I highly recommend reserving a room if you attend next year’s festival.


Global Vipassana Pagoda (Mumbai, India)

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Welcome to Oakland Pride 2012

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Black Feminist Film School Launch

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an Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind and Queer Renaissance Collaboration

Excerpt from BFFS website

About Black Feminist Film School
Born out of our frustration with the glaring exclusion of films and discourse by, about or for Black women in Julia’s film school experience and our deep love for the possibility of Black feminism in all forms, Black Feminist Film School is a collaboration between Black feminist scholar/filmmaker Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Ph.D and Black feminist filmmaker/scholar Julia Roxanne Wallace, M.Div.

Our project has 2 key components:

1. Is there Black feminist tradition in film? Make space for a discourse about Black feminism in film and a conceptual framework in which contemporary filmmakers and theorists of film can participate in, measure, look out for and/or critique he presence or possibility of Black feminism specifically in the medium of film/video by screenings and discussions of rare/underdistributed films by Black women directors/writer/producers in our hometown of Durham, North Carolina and around the country. online forums on this site by Black feminist scholars about the possibility of Black feminism in important films by Black women sharing information about the locations of rare/hard to see films by Black feminist filmmakers developing a curriculum on Black feminist film, piloted in a community setting


Julia in the green screen studio.

2. Where my Black feminist filmmakers at? Infuse Black feminist community, and in particular under-represent Black women and genderqueer filmmakers and future filmmakers with the skills to use film to express their visions and transform our society by hosting a series of accessible community workshops that share the skills of script-writing, producing, gaffing, lighting, editing, sound and all the other skills crucial to making high quality films creating partnerships between existing institutions/equipment sources and potential Black feminist filmmakers

building community between existing Black feminist filmmakers, with an emphasis on queer and genderqueer Black filmmakers creating an all queer of color and allied cast and crew for Julia’s upcoming film!

Lethal Weapon!

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Bamako, Mali

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Bamako, Mali

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