The Truth That Never Hurts…

Other deterrents to effective organizing are the negative attitudes and behaviors that substitute for activism among some Black lesbians and gay men themselves.  These individuals operate with unfortunate, even dangerous misperceptions of what organizing actually is.  Their actions ignore one of the most basic principals for a successful organizer, which is that she must have a sufficient capacity to work with other people so that a job can get done without emotionally annihilating those with  whom she works.  Sometimes it seems that people actually measure the success of their activities and the righteousness of their politics by how thoroughly they can attack and tear down the efforts of others, in short, how lousy they can make others feel.

Humor, cooperation, reliability, humility, and kindness work better than arrogance, cruelty, manipulation, and divahood any day.

The Truth That Never Hurs: Writings on Race, Gender, and Freedom. Barbara Smith.  Rutgers University Press.

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